Saturday, November 7, 2009

Hello hello. What is your name. Hello. American. I am from English! American. Hello. Hello,

So this is basically how we are greeted by children, everywhere we go. What's up everybody. Sorry, it has been a while since we posted. I want to make this thing a little more lively. I know we're awesome and all, and super interesting, but I would get bored just reading about two people who miss peanut butter, indoor heating, and whatever else. So what do you want to read about?
Joyce asked about what "language they speak here, and what is Whiskerino". Azeri's speak Azerbaijani, which is a lot like Turkish. I wasn't sure how mutually intelligible Azeri and Turkish were, but according to the locals, it is much like American/British English. The language itself is kind of difficult, but not terrible. I've studied German, and it's pretty rigid. Azeri is a little more flexible. However it's not like English in the sense that we use so many prepositions. We can have nearly an entire conversation with prepositions.(link for those of us who have been out of English 101 for a while). Azeri doesn't have prepositions. Well, they do, but they say they don't. They're confused. But they definitely don't throw them around like we do.
It all comes down to suffixes. Root words have suffixes added to them to determine action, possession, direction, etc. It can get a little hairy. Gelmek (to come) becomes geliryam (I come) gelacayam (I will come), gelmisyam (I have come), geldim (I came). etc. Probably a poor example, but an example nonetheless.
Whiskerino is an online beard growing adventure headed up by the National Free Beard Agreement. Men grow their beards from Nov. 1 - Feb. 28th. If you are interested to see what it's about just google "Absolutely on Whiskerino". My "moniker", or nickname, is Absolutely.
Well we don't have much news right now. It seems to me that things have leveled off and seem to be holding steady. We have routines, and feel comfortable with our surroundings. We are super ready to get to site (where we'll be for the next 2 years). We find out in two days where that will be! Exciting.
So hit us up with some questions. Anything you want to know. Use your discernment, as our blog is most likely being read by natives. We want to be culturally sensitive. We love you all and like most of you. Just kidding, we like you all too.

-derek and alicia


  1. the only thing that comes to mind right now is "you guys are SO COOL!!!" i just love this journey that God has you on, and i love that the internet allows you to share it with all of us!!! know that so many are praying and growing and learning in this process with you. we are encouraged by your faith and faithfulness! and we are carrying this burden with you... much love from scotland, my friends! (give each other a hug from us:)

  2. i dont think ur blog is boring at all. hearing about ur experiences there is very very interesting.. i've been contemplating joining the peace corps for a year now, and u both are so lucky to have each other. i'd be so scared to go on my own. but it makes me smile to hear that u two are so in love and so Lord willing to make this work. keep posting. even if it is just to say i miss peanutbutter or baking. it's still interesting and good to know whats goin on. i will keep u both in my prayers :)
    btw derek, this is Elisabeth Mott.. ur long lost sister! :P