Friday, October 2, 2009

Orientation in country, Day 1.

Hello All. So I took a quick break between our initial orientation sessions (in country) to update everyone. We arrived safely, but not without fatigue. We're pretty tired, I think everyone is. But the show must go on and we are on our way to learning about what we'll be doing and getting to know our staff better. I'll have a lot more information for everyone after a while and after we run it by our staff, so they know what we're posting. Our days will be full. The information overload has begun. hah. The staff here are really nice and willing to answer any questions we have. I need to get back. So long for now, stay tuned for updates.


Salam! Well, we’ve been here for about 24 hours. We are still very jet-lagged, but we plan on catching up on some sleep tonight. For those of you who don’t know, there’s about a ten hour time difference between us and you. Today was hard; overwhelming because we are so exhausted (for me, Alicia, especially). I’ve never experienced culture shock before now. It’s, as I said, hard.

The Azeri’s are so friendly. The hotel is nice, but, surprise, it’s not home. I am looking forward to some structure as well as doing things on our own. We had our first language lesson today. The language is beautiful. I struggled because of my lack of focus, but I believe it will come in time.

I’m tired so I’d better get some rest. Good night or good morning, wherever you are!


  1. can't wait for more.

  2. What an exciting adventure! God be with you two--always!

  3. yeah, i'm so glad you all get to post! we're excited for you and praying for you... looking forward to hearing more!...

  4. So good to hear from you through your blog. We miss you TERRIBLE - I think it's worse just because we know that we can't get to you. It sounds like you are coping well - rest will help. Dacia said it took several days to catch up when she went to Africa. I just got home from 6 days with Deidra, Joe, and the little ones moving into their new home. It's a beautiful home that already feels like they belong there. You'll love it! Kaylee has had some confusion with all the changes lately, but she'll settle in before long. Keep the information coming. It helps to know what you are doing. It'll be hard tomorrow since it's your birthday and I won't get to talk to you, but know that I'm thinking about you and love you so much. I'm so proud of both of you and look forward to the adjustment getting easier. Take care - we're praying for ;you! Mom

  5. Hi kids, I haven't known how to get a message to you till your Mom told me an easy way David found. I think of you kids a lot, and pray for you. Sounds like you might not have enough food, how horrible. when I feel like I'm going thru a troubled time, I just remind myself of the things Jesus went thru and He was perfect. It helps me a lot, I've read that He went hungry also. I feel so sad. I love you both and hope all you are sacrificing is worth it. Anything we do for God is worth it. Much Love, Grandma. I hope you got my birthday message.